From Seed to Harvest

17°C - Wind: N at 20km/h
9°C - Wind: WSW at 30km/h
13°C - Wind: NNW at 20km/h
20°C - Wind: NW at 9km/h
17°C - Wind: ENE at 13km/h
22°C - Wind: NNE at 11km/h
26°C - Wind: NE at 7km/h
27°C - Wind: NE at 9km/h
21°C - Wind: WSW at 18km/h
17°C - Wind: SW at 15km/h
23°C - Wind: ENE at 7km/h
17°C - Wind: WNW at 20km/h
21°C - Wind: W at 18km/h
22°C - Wind: W at 11km/h
20°C - Wind: NNE at 11km/h
24°C - Wind: ENE at 9km/h
18°C - Wind: SSE at 13km/h
19°C - Wind: E at 13km/h
20°C - Wind: WSW at 19km/h
25°C - Wind: SSW at 15km/h
21°C - Wind: SW at 9km/h

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9°C - Wind: WSW at 30km/h

On this day - 1940 Winston Churchill says "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat" in his first speech as Prime Minister to British House of Commons